Friday, 19 December 2014

Prints from Oaxaca

Tanya and I went down to Oaxaca to collect more prints, to add to the YayBig Southwest collection, chasing much of what we read in the Oaxacan Printeresting post by Kevin McCloskey.  I also recently absorbed the Oaxacan ASARO exhibit at the Hispanic Cultural Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

We bought a lot of prints from Espacio Zapata:

Espacio Zapata
with pictures of the missing 43 students from Ayotzinapa

Front room of Espacio Zapata studio

Mario Guzman with the large press
(we bought the large print in the background
on amate paper
by Irving Herrera)

We bought a set of 6 prints at Espacio Zapata:

Mario Guzman


We also bought other prints from Espacio Zapata:

Mario Guzman

We bought prints and t-shirts from Taller-Galeria Siqueiros as well:

Taller-Galeria Siqueiros

We stayed  at the Ishuakara Casa Estudio, which is both a studio that gives classes, and a hotel rooms in the back:

Tanya made a print at
in one class
using a homemade press

Tanya Rich and Armando Ruiz Freger
(Armando runs the Ishuakara Taller)

We met  maestro Abraham Torres at the Taller Tamayo school, and he then gave us a nice tour of the other printmaking studios in the area:

Abraham Torres' studio

Abraham Torres
holding the YayBig Southwest catalog --
Christina Cardenas' catalog print
was done in his studio

Abraham Torres

Abraham Torres

Everyone has a large press in Oaxaca, 
like this at La Curtiduria

Another Lithography studio

Tanya Rich and I,
with Abraham Torres
and some of the students 
of the Taller Tamayo for printmaking --
we bought the student "carpeta"
of 18 prints

The student "carpeta"

Student "carpeta" prints on the table

Later on
we noticed an exhibit in the Mexico City metro
of the Taller Tamayo school
in Oaxaca

We bought more works from Taller de Grafica"La Chicharra":

Taller de Grafica
"La Chicharra"

Venancio Velasco

Marcos Lucero

We bought these prints from Eric at Kuchaku:

I bought a print from Tatonka (Mojo) from his street stall.  He said it was leftover from the protests in 2006 (which accelerated the printmaking movement in the city of Oaxaca):


I also bought a print from Michael Roman at La Mano Mágica.  Michael Roman taught me how to silk screen back in the 90s, at the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts, in San Francisco:


Oaxaca definitely is a vibrant printmaking Mecca.  We certainly did not visit all the graphic studios -- I believe maestro Takeda, who "jokes that Oaxaca is sinking like Venice under the weight of its printing presses."  

We missed the 2nd Annual Oaxaca Print Fair by a few days, unfortunately.

Besides collecting prints, we enjoyed the paintings, Toledo, crafts, restaurants, mezcalerias,  Dr Lacra, many openings, Monte Alban, and the whole festive atmosphere downtown.  Something was happening during every moment. There was both a mezcal fair and a chocolate fair on the same day, with free samples.  How can it get any better than that?

Maestro Abraham Torres told us about the lithography studio in Xalapa -- La Ceiba Grafica.  They are drawing on marble, rather than traditional lithography stones.  

We also followed some of the tourist advice from Top Ten Things to do in Oaxaca.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Cartel Coffee Lab -- Downtown Tucson

A selection of YayBig Southwest prints were hung at the Cartel Coffee Lab --
on November 17th -- in the downtown Tucson location:

Print to sculpture!  

Using John Paul Gutierrez's print, Metalphysic foundry made a 3D image, and had it printed at Shapeways.  One can also twirl the 3D image around online at SketchFab.  The piece is being shown now at the Tucson Sculpture Festival 2015 (I wrote about it on my other blog).

Monday, 10 November 2014

Las Cruces -- West End Art Depot

We showed in Las Cruces, in the Closet Pop-up Gallery, at the West End Art Depot, on Friday, November 7th, 2014, from 6 - 9 PM (which also corresponded to the Las Cruces Art Ramble).  Chris Bardey and Kelly S Hestir were showing in the main gallery:

To view all the artwork,

Candle in front of the 
Michoakanistan print (in red)

We were in 
The Closet Pop Up Gallery

in the main gallery

Live music at the opening

Saba at the opening
in his West End Art Depot studio

View of the West End Art Depot outside
during the opening at sunset

A big thanks to Chris Bardey, Shaunna FosterKelly S Hestir, and Federico Villalba, for helping me set up the pop-up gallery in Las Cruces' West End Art Depot.

Meanwhile, 40 minutes down I-10 in El Paso, I visited "The Barnyard" in the Segundo Barrio, and admired the graffiti art on the walls:

New Mexico iconography
in graffiti

Inside Out project 
survives in "The Barnyard"

Old school Tejas' style

Main-tain coalition also painted a wall with Exist1981.

After the opening, I raced back to Tucson to gallery sit for the YayBig Print Exchange show at YayBig Gallery.