Wednesday, 16 October 2013

YayBigSouthwest in El Paso

We were selected for a pop-up gallery at the Chalk the Block art festival in El Paso. The weekend festival lasts 3 days -- October 11, 12 and 13th. Our pop-up gallery is located in the fancy El Camino Real hotel, in the Uptown room.

The basic idea is to show artwork from Tucson. El Paso is less than 5 hours down the road, but few people in El Paso have much of an idea of what goes on in Tucson artisically, and vice-versa. Prints travel and show better than painting and sculpture, and thus work best for regional shows. We also included some prints from El Paso, Phoenix and Albuquerque, hoping to encourage some artistic interaction in the whole Southwest. Thus we named our pop-up gallery "Yaybig Southwest," after the print gallery in Tucson.

Tanya Rich and Krrrl had a lot of fun showing prints at the YayBigSouthwest pop-up gallery at El Paso's Chalk the Block 2013 art festival.

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Robust list of artists and their works

Short list of participating printmakers:

Breeze, Thomas

Cardenas, Cristina

Cool-Flowers, Deborah

Contreras, Michael

Delgado, Francisco

Diaz, Daniel

Espinosa, Gonzalo

Flores, Rudy

Guerra, Manuel

Johnson, Susan Kay

Marshall, Joe

Martin, Danny

Morales, Henry

Moreno, Ruben

Penya, Zeque


Quintanilla, Martin

Razo, Tim

Rich, Tanya


Rush, Andrew

de Soto, Ernest

Stewart, Edwin

Sugita, Toru

Taylor, Wil

Wells, Mykl

Whitaker, Karl

Yoffe, Howard

Thank you very much, City of El Paso!

Christian Ristow and the Austin Bike Zoo

Chalk the Block brought in out-of-town spectacles, such as Christian Ristow's Face Forward, and the Austin Bike Zoo:

The crowd could move the eyes and mouth
of Christian Ristow's "Face Forward" statue,
with joy sticks (like at Burning Man):

"The Pool" installation,

Kids area:

Austin Bike Zoo:

The Austin Bike Zoo rattlesnake got out of hand,
and rode through downtown El Paso,
into Juarez, Mexico:

Chalk drawings

Chalk the Block starts with street chalk artwork:

Ashley Urueta:

Elena Sotelo:

Bryan Rutter:

Antonio Padilla:

Jessica Najera & Angel Jauregui Team:

Andrew H:

The best food truck mural ever:

Andy Perez:

Rubi Franco:

Obed Arzaga:

Luis Colomo,
Best of Show:

Tuesday, 15 October 2013