Friday, 11 October 2013

Chalk the Block 2013 in El Paso

We were selected for a pop-up gallery at the Chalk the Block art festival in El Paso.  The weekend festival lasts 3 days -- October 11, 12 and 13th.  Our pop-up gallery is located in the fancy El Camino Real hotel, in the Uptown room.

The basic idea is to show artwork from Tucson.  El Paso is less than 5 hours down the road, but few people in El Paso have much of an idea of what goes on in Tucson artisically, and vice-versa.  Prints travel and show better than painting and sculpture, and thus work best for regional shows.  We also included some prints from El Paso, Phoenix and Albuquerque, hoping to encourage some artistic interaction in the whole Southwest.  Thus we named our pop-up gallery "Yaybig Southwest," after the print gallery in Tucson.

Wall at the Camino Real 
before we hung artwork

Windows before we leaned prints against them

Outside entrance 
to our pop-up space

Preparing to hang

Tanya begins to compose the walls

Final presentation 

We are next to the Dome bar,
with the Tiffany dome ceiling

Sandwich sign for front,
made at Fast Signs

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