Sunday, 9 March 2014

YayBigSouthwest at New Grounds in Albuquerque

Tanya and I brought our print collection from YAYBIG Gallery, in Tucson, to New Grounds Print Workshop and Gallery for the First Friday Artscrawl in Albuquerque (March 7th):

Tanya with a handful of prints, setting up


Note:  The numbers (and letters) refer to those on the main list:

1Sugita, Toru
(Large print in the center)

The small prints above are a selection from a print exchange -- Dialogos e Interpretationes: The Americas (2013) -- counter-clockwise from the left:

I) Jorge Eliecer Rodriguez Osorio
Drypoint on Copper
Manizles, Colombia

H) Natalia Correa Mendez
“Archivos Domesticos”
Aguafuerte, aquatinta, cera blanda
Cali, Colombia

A) Fernando Fernandez
El Paso

E) Penny McElroy
“Vuelven Las Cosas a su Sitio”
Woodcut and Photocopy
Relands, California

D) Raul Monarrez
“Devil by Accident”
Komatex Relief
El Paso

F) Luis M Ruiz
“Dead End”
Linoleum Cut
El Paso

G) Jules Floss
Plastic Engraving
Pembroke, North Carolina

C) Brandon Sanderson
Relief, Sewing, Embossing, Digital Transfer
Pembroke, North Carolina

B) Maria Romero & Nabil Gonzalez
Silkscreen and Gold Leaf
El Paso

Note:  The numbers (and letters) refer to those on the main list:

93Flores, Rudy
42 – Henry Morales
33 Rogo

8 -- Contreras, Michael (In color)

43 – Yoffe, Howard
39Penya, Zeque

98Wells, Mykl
100Wells, Mykl
99Wells, Mykl
11 -- Espinosa, Gonzalo

94 – Flores, Rudy
95 – Flores, Rudy
90 – Flores, Rudy

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