Saturday, 5 April 2014

11th Monk3y print show -- 3) artists

Artists from the 11th Monk3y show on the far back wall, and the wall in the middle of the room, listed left to right, top to bottom (see Print List):

78 – Rush, Andrew
73 – Wells, Mykl
93 – Flores, Rudy
94 – Flores, Rudy
91 – Sugita, Toru
108  -- Greybeard
112 -- Yorch

14 -- "Biking Buddies" by BICAS
31 – Rogo

11 --  Espinosa, Gonzalo
I) Jorge Eliecer Rodriguez Osorio
80 – Flores, Rudy
F) Luis M Ruiz
D) Raul Monarrez

Each of these digital poster prints
can be "augmented" 
by viewing through a smart phone

Tanya watches moving octopus tentacles,
in the animated "augmented" version 
of the portrait with octopus tentacles poster
on an Android tablet

The "augmented" posters
the previous weekend (March 29th, 2014)

Prints, list of artists, 
and Tucson Sculpture Festival catalogs
(2014 and 2013)
on the small tables below

Also two print racks were on the floor, holding the remaining prints of the collection, for visitors to flip through

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