Friday, 2 October 2015

Taller 75 Grados

We had some silkscreen prints made at Taller 75 Grados in Mexico City last July (for the Desert Triangle Print Carpeta), and bought some masterpieces by Mexican artists while we were down there:

(Oscar Dominguez)

I saw a bunch of street posters supporting women's causes by Mujeres Grabando Resistencia, and exhibited as Vivas Nos Queremos:

Wall of these posters 
n Mexico City

"Matarme te hizo mas hombre?"
I had seen these street posters in Juarez earlier this year

More of these women's causes street posters,
pasted on the wall outside at the prepa 

The street posters seemed to be created in

I also bought some relief prints next to Bellas Artes, where Mario Martinez, from Puebla, was selling them on the street:

In Xalapa I saw some prints by Zamer, in a hipster pulqueria (La Otra).  While I did not buy any of those prints (yet), I thought that the pulqueria was the perfect print gallery:

I was in Xalapa after making a lithograph at La Ceiba in nearby Coatepec.  Later Manuel Guerra flew down to La Ceiba to make his lithograph for the Desert Triangle Print Carpeta project.

While in Mexico, I also went down to Oaxaca to see Francisco Delgado make his print for the Desert Triangle Print Carpeta project.

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