Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Brownsville Opening and Presentation

We framed 25 pieces from the YayBig Southwest collection for an exhibition at the Art Museum of University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, in Brownsville -- November 3rd - 27th, 2015.

We also showed 23 loose pieces in 2 smaller print rakes, and a large print by Irving Herrera from Oaxaca.

Zeke Peña attended the opening, and gave a presentation to the students.

Tuesday, November 3rd

Large print by Irving Herrera,
of Oaxaca


Zeke Peña giving a slide presentation 
to the printmaking students 

Photo of a corner of the the printmaking studio

Simple printmaking materials --
for making relief prints --
Linoleum block, knifes, wooden spoon, printing baren

Zeke printing with a spoon,
during the print demonstration
on November 3rd

Rubbing the baren over the paper by hand,
to make a print
(Zeke signing prints in the background)


This print was originally done for the 

Other fresh prints,
from blocks that Zeke cut

A variety of other prints by Zeke Peña,
by a variety of printing techniques

Thanks to Professor Alejandro Macias
who runs the Rusteberg Art Gallery
at the University of Texas, Rio Grande campus.

Article in The Rider  by Monica Gudiño --
Official Student newspaper 
of the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley.
(page 5 on ISSUU)

Picture from follow up article 
in The Rider, by Monica Gudino,
about the print show

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