Monday, 22 September 2014

El Pueblo Viejo vs El Chuco -- Fine Art Print Exhibition

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Pueblo Viejo prints

Chuco prints

We will be showing the YayBig (Tucson) and/vs the Horned Toad Prints (El Paso) Print Exchanges together in two cities:

Tucson -- Sept 27 - Oct 4

El Paso -- Oct 10 - 12

Rudy Flores is participating in
the YayBig Print Exchange

submitted for the 
YayBig Print Exchange

Our Proposal for the El Paso, which won us a pop-up gallery at Chalk the Block 2014 (Oct 10 - 12):

El Pueblo Viejo vs El Chuco -- Fine Art Print Exhibition

(Tucson vs El Paso print exchanges)

We would like to exhibit fine art prints from both the YayBig Print Exchange (organized in Tucson), and the Horned Toad Print Exchange (organized in El Paso) -- showing works from about 50 different artists total. While all the prints are 8 x 10 inches, each will take a bit more wall space after framing. All the etchings, silkscreens and wood block prints were submitted in 2014.

At Chalk the Block last year (2013), we showcased printmakers from across the Southwest at the YayBig Southwest pop-up gallery, and then took the show to Albuquerque, Phoenix and Tucson. That momentum lead to YayBig sponsoring their own print exchange, modeled after the Horned Toad Print Exchange in El Paso. Naturally the sister exchanges are now begging to be shown together, in the same space. Thus this proposal is not just a follow-up of last year's exhibition -- it’s a different twist on promoting regional printmakers, and nudging them from 2 sides to raise the bar.

(Each artist sent an edition of 15 prints to YayBig. In return they get prints by 13 different artists back. YayBig keeps 2 prints for exhibitions. That is an example of how a print exchange works)

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